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Do you regularly have head, neck or shoulder pain?

Did you know a chronic headache is one of the most common problems a patient sees a doctor for?

Headaches can be caused by a number of factors

(i) Tension  – the most obvious which many suffer from is Tension headaches

(ii) Posture  – posture headache – probably the most common headache I treat. Often caused by sitting at your  desk for hours a day  causing muscles to tighten 

(iii) Migraine    being very severe and often associated with nausea, vomited and light sensitivity  – Massage can assist migraine symptoms but severe migraine often requires medical treatment.

Over the counter pain medication ( Aspirin  and Isobutene)   can be a  highly effective  and a  temporary solution for your headache whereas massage may help relieve headache pain and can prevent headaches from occurring in the future.

Massage   assists your headaches by promoting circulation and improving blood flow circulation, loosens chronically tight muscles, relieves muscle spasms  tension, provide tension relief and assist relaxation.