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Body Lift Massage

Congratulations to Apple on another certification. Apple recently travelled back to Thailand to compliment her many qualifications with study in Body Lift techniques

Guests from the Mornington Peninsula that visit  1028MorningtinDaySpa will know that massage is a lot more than relaxation. Our expert Masseur can utilise a combination of techniques to provide the fitting treatment you deserve and require.

Apple, a teacher of Lymphatic Massage techniques, which corrects or increases lymphatic flow and assists with wrinkled skin and is an  anti-aging techniques in itself.

Body Lift Massage contributes to flattening  out your furrows or wrinkles due to increasing  your blood flow and also releasing the restriction of your connective tissue,  whilst at the same time aiding the rising up of  your facial muscles.

ie: The connective tissues of your face weave together  as we age  due to intake of toxins to your body/skin.  The ability for the fibres to ‘slide’ past skin and bone and other fibres  is reduced as the fibres mesh together, as a result of toxin intake. Correct massage can release the locking up of fibres 

A combination of Lymphatic techniques and Body Lift technique will provide detoxification and skin improvement.

For some guest use of our Detoxification Infrared Sauna will also assist the release of those nasty toxins that really hurt our skin