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Pregnancy Massage Mornington Peninsula
Pregnancy Massage can be wonderful. Local spa services can  provide both Prenatal and Post Natal massage both BEING very important for the health of mother and baby.

With any massage and in particular for pregnancy massage it is essential that you use a knowledgeable, experienced and qualified masseur.
At 1028MorningtonDaySpa we have a number of spa services due to our head masseur having many, many qualification including Australian Pregnancy Massage Certification. Many pregnant ladies look for a day spa Mornington Peninsula and some Day Spas have attractive offerings.
Here at 1028MorningtonDaySpa we are very particular when providing a pregnancy massage. We suggest  patients they should speak to their doctor prior to having a massage so as to ensure doctor is comfortable with you proceeding with  a massage
Without exception we will not provide massage to an lady in her first trimester as this is the time of increased risk and we want to ensure that absolutely nothing provides harm to your situation.

Our Spa Day Packages usually can include spa and detoxification Infrared Sauna treatment however if you are pregnant you will find you are not comfortable with these treatments so whilst they are usually available we do not include such services for pregnant women.

A full day spa package usually includes a facial  and a very gentle facial can be provided whilst pregnant however not as strong as when you are not pregnant

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Prenatal Massage
* One of the most important benefits from pregnancy massage is mental assistance and helping with ones stress

Regularly  we see mothers coming on a weekly basis for a pregnancy massage as they feel t their baby  can pick up their moods and stress levels hence they want to ‘pass on’ good carma to their baby.
*There is much Scientific evidence that shows  massage can improve your stress levels
* Naturally pregnancy massage improves joints and muscles
* Improves your blood circulation and your overall  lymphatic system ( Apple our head masseur teaches lymphatic massage so really knows about this subject)
*Loosens you muscles in preparation for birth

Post Natal Massage In many ways it is equally as important having massage after having your baby as it is having pre natal massage

*Whilst there may be stress leading up to birth the time however after birth when you are left with your new baby, possibly not fully certain what to do, sleep being disturbed and just overly tired can then  again this can be a very stressfull time
*Post natal massage is not a treat but a treatment to help with your post natal stress
* Assistance with any pain you may have – sore spots ie: The whole birth process is a strain on your body so  after birth massage is important medicine for your body
* Often a massage can be simply a bit of an escape and some alone time as well as the relaxation treatment
* In many countries they have post natal massage specialists that come to mothers’ homes every day – such is the understanding of the benefits of postnatal massaget
* just like pre birth massage can reduce swelling by your masseur working on your lymphatic system

*massage can help release of Oxytocin triggers which in turn assists milk release

* massage will certainly help your recuperation post birth  

* ask for help post birth and find the time to ‘take your medicine with a post natal massage  This is important for both you and your baby * book ahead as this will cause you to plan